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Oregano oil products (Contains 75.18% carvacrol) have been used as an anti-viral, anti-fungal, (yeast and candida problems), anti-microbial, and an anti-tissue agent, meaning it halts coughs and eases spasticity of the lung tubules. Oregano essential oil has also been used as a mucolytic, (it helps thin mobilized mucous), anti-spasmodic, (eases tightness and spasms of muscles, and anti-parasitic. Herby, woody, yet slightly spicy. This oil is an excellent disinfectant and stomachic. A very potent oil which could irritate the mucous membranes and should never be applied directly to the skin or mucous membranes. Best avoided in pregnancy.

Its main effect seems to be on the digestive system, soothing the stomach, liver and spleen. Calms intestinal spasm. May combat acidity, stomach gas and encourage appetite. Blends well with basil, fennel, geranium and pine. Flash point: 145 F. 

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